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The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) introduces timber booth to architects to promote wood’s
amazing qualities as the preferred building material of the 21st Century
KUALA LUMPUR (18 JULY 2017): Enjoy the healing forces of the forest as you “walk
into the woods” at the International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition
(Archidex) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 19-22 July 2017.
This year the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) engages a prolific architect to create an
amazing timber booth that incorporates the “Chidori” technique where timber planks are
connected through a joint system without the use of glue or nails to resemble the green
surroundings of a forest.
In a move to raise awareness of the qualities of Malaysian timbers, MTC commissioned
Ar Anwar Salleh, who is the Principal of Anwar Salleh Architect, to design the Council’s
exhibition booth with the theme “walk into the woods”.
The booth will be a cubical lattice structure that will showcase the Chidori joint system
which is derived from old Japanese toys. It will be made of seven commonly used
timbers - Balau, Rengas, Kasai, Jelutong, Kembang Semangkok, Merbau and Keruing.
“Timber will be the new wonder material in architecture in this part of the world,” said
MTC Chief Executive Officer Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim Nik.
“It has taken its place in Europe, the US and Australia as climate change mitigation
demands for materials with low energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint. The
advent of engineered timber products are enabling architects around the world to build
bigger and higher structures. We want our local architects and construction industry
players to relook timbers’ use as a building material,” he said.
Archidex, which is an annual event, is jointly organized by the Malaysian Institute of
Architects (PAM) and CIS Network Sdn Bhd. The exhibition serves as a platform for
exhibitors to showcase the latest in architecture, interior design and the building
industry. It also brings together local and international professionals from these areas to
learn about the latest in the market.
MTC’s presence at Archidex enables the Council to establish contacts and network with
specifiers and manufacturers while creating trade opportunities.
There will be over 550 exhibitors at Archidex this year and about 36,000 visitors are
expected at the fair.
the Malaysian Timber Council
The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) was established in January 1992 to promote the
development and growth of the Malaysian timber industry globally. MTC's main objectives are to
promote the Malaysian timber trade and develop the market for timber products globally, to
promote the development of the industry by upgrading the industry's manufacturing technology
base, to augment the supply of raw materials, to provide information services and to protect and
improve the Malaysian timber industry's global image. Further information on the Council’s
activities can be obtained from www.mtc.com.my.