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[ Sources:INTERWOOD | Author: | Publish:4/20/2017 ]

According to the database from United Nation (UN), the export value of global woodworking machinery in 2015 had amounted to around 7.38 billions U.S. dollars. Germany had reached 1.73 billions U.S. dollars, which was ranked the best among the nations. China and Italy took the second and third places, taking 20.7% and 16.5% of total export value. Taiwan was no.4 in the market, which had the export value of around 0.585 billion U.S. dollars, taking 7.9% of global woodworking machinery export market. Figure 1 shows the woodworking machinery market segmentation of top four countries. In 2015, the main export countries were United States (40.3%), China (14.2%), Vietnam (7.5%), Canada (5.4%).

Taiwan has around 263 woodworking machinery manufacturers; Over 80% are having export business; And over 80% of companies are located in central of Taiwan, especially in Fengyuang and Shengang. Around 200 manufacturers has operated over 10 years, 30 manufacturers over 20 years. Total number of employees are around 5,000 people. Manufacturers can acquire product components in short time, which is a huge advantage of Taiwan woodworking machinery industry. Figure 2 shows the output of Taiwan woodworking machinery industry during 2012 to 2016.

From the database of Custom Administration of Taiwan, the total export amount of Taiwan woodworking machinery during January to October in 2016 is 432,755 U.S. dollars, which decreased 3.6% compared with same period in 2015. The top 5 woodworking machines are “sawing machine”, “lathe”, “planermilling, or molding machine”, “grindersander, or polishing machine”, “boring or mortising machine”. The top 5 export market of Taiwan woodworking machinery are United States, China, Vietnam, Canada, and Thailand. Compared with 2015, market in United States grows 6.1%, China drops 16%, Vietnam grows 13.1%, Canada drops 7%, and 12.6% drops in Thailand. U.S. economy recovery bring back the demand of woodworking machinery. However the RMB depreciation, import substitution policy of China, weak performance of China economy, and the impact from restrict control of timber harvesting from Indonesia government, makes the poor demand of Taiwan woodworking machine. But with the continuous positive effect from bringing back manufacturing jobs in United States, and the recovery of global economy, which bring the growth of consumer market. The growth of Taiwan woodworking machinery export is expected.