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How Shunde enterprises take the place in woodworking machinery industry
[ Sources:www.woodworkingb2b.com | Author:Admin | Publish:11/29/2010 ]

In recent years, Shunde woodworking machinery industry is flourishing, some of the technician originally working for the woodworking industry saw the room for growth of woodworking machinery, and opened his own company engaged in woodworking machinery production. For these companies, inspection and quarantine department recommends:
Clear product position, develop their own advantages. At present, Shunde supporting industries for local woodworking machinery is already quite comprehensive, almost all of the spare parts are available in the market to complete the purchase.
Some small businesses do not pay attention to the technological development of products,
and just purchase the spare parts for assembly and production only when the customer need the product. In the short term, it can help this enterprise earn some processing fee, but the disadvantage is obviouse.
On the one hand, small enterprises in the initial stage, it is inevitable due to technical, human, financial and other constraints in the short term. It is not possible to do a variety of fine products for them. And the complexity of product variety is not conducive to the cultivation of the degree of skilled for workers. The stability of product quality and the homogeneity is relatively poor.
On the other hand, it is not conducive to the formation of their own core competencies. to win customers on price alone, it is probably being out of the market after several years in the leading position. Enterprises should consider its own advantage, to concentrate in one product for deep development, then do a product line, combine with customer demand for a single product to provide various choices. Not "I have what they don’t have”, but to "I have more excellent what they had", so in this situation, the enterprises can have the place in woodworking machinery industry.

Familiar with the foreign technical requirements, make the order for review.Because China's woodworking machinery is good and cheap, so they are very popular in many overseas markets. Companies who want to enter the international market, must know each other in advance about the wood products standards, technical regulations, especially those mandatory requirements. Before signing the contract with the merchants,
review the technical requirements of the contract to ensure that not less than the country's technical standards, in order to avoid the customer claims because of not meeting the technical requirements after signing the contract. The enterprises should pay attention to that.